Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let the Games Begin...

This is by far my favorite time of year for sports.  I love the beginning of the NCAA basketball tourney because it is a time for teams to start anew for a three-week fight to the finish.  It's a time to cheer for the underdog and find yourself on the edge of your seat while watching your new favorite team try to keep your bracket from falling apart. 
The weeks leading up the championship game is what basketball fans love to call March Madness.  In recent years my family has gotten into the tournament hype.  We each filled out our NCAA brackets and have a friendly $50 pot waiting for the winner.  I like to think I have the edge since I follow basketball more closely than anyone else in the house.  However, it never fails, my over-analyzing always gets the best of me.  My wife and son generally both outscore me - but not this year. 
The predictions have been made, so it is time to let the games begin. 

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  1. Oh the games have begun. My husband and sons watch and cheer and are surprised. I like how you began your slice and gave specific reasonings for it being your favorite time of year. Keep slicing! It's Tuesday, the regular SOL day.
    MH at