Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New Experience...

My wife and I have always challenged our children to try new things.  This year they went above and beyond to push us to new limits.
My oldest son has always enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, and football.  Those were the three sports I enjoyed the most and have really learned to love over the years.  This year he decided to add wrestling into the mix.  My wife and I didn't know a lot about the sport but have really enjoyed watching him and his friends enjoy some success throughout the year.  My wife really made a 180 degree turn from Day 1 when she tried to convince him he really didn't want to wrestle.  She now is one of the biggest fans, and strangely enough, will be sad when the season ends.
My youngest son has said for years he wants to show pigs at the fair.  We do not know the first thing about raising pigs, but we are about to become a pig farming family.  The location took care of itself as a friend offered us a place to keep them which is nearby.  We began attending Swine Club meetings and sat through a 2 1/2 hour training session today.  I must say the learning curve will be very large for us as we absorb as much information as possible.  When we return from spring break we will soon be in the pig business as we attend auctions looking to buy three pigs.  We were told we should probably have an extra pig for the boys in case something happens to one.  I'm sure, like wrestling, we will soon learn to appreciate what this is all about.  In fact, I'm afraid my wife will really fall in love with the little guys and will hate to see them go. 
I guess it's true when they say you're never too old to learn new things.

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