Monday, March 12, 2012


I was reminded today of just how important it is to recognize those students who work so hard despite the toughest challenges in their lives.  We have so many students who would love nothing more than to have the ability to                                  (You name it... jump higher, master their math facts, read books at the next level, spell the tougher words, etc.).  These students push themselves day in and day out to reach those goals.  Some hit their mark while others come up just a bit short.  Regardless of the destination, their journey has one common link... perserverance.
Too often, I meet with students who have the potential yet they don't want to perservere because the road is blocked by too many hurdles.  Although we would love to take that potential and place it in the body of those who work so hard, that's unfortunately not the way it works.  I may never understand why some students struggle, but I know we are all better because of their efforts.  Take a minute to recognize one of your strugglers in the next day or two and remind them the perserverance will pay off in a big way.


  1. I've seen the same thing happen with some of my middle school students. Good advice here. Thank you for the reminder. : )

  2. I think those students who seem to have given up because of barriers are still on the journey, too. Theirs will take longer, despite their potential, but I want to believe they'll still reach their destination. Maybe seeing the perseverance of the others, and seeing how that perseverance is honored will help get them back on a path forward, help move them past/around/through whatever obstacle has shut them down.

    (What happened with your newspaper thief?)